Kizuna - Major Japanese Exhibition


Kizuna - This major exhibition showed how Japanese culture and design has captivated the rest of the world and discover that Wales has played its own distinctive part in this fascinating story of international exchange. Many of the works of art on display have come from major Japanese national museums especially for this exhibition and some have never been seen in the UK before. I.e. A 400 year old handscroll painted with monsters is a forerunner of modern animation. Magnificently painted screens, measuring more than 1.6m high by 3.6m long, offer panoramic views of Edo (modern Tokyo) in the 18th century. Also, beautiful costumes, ceramic jars and lacquer ware show off Japan’s highly developed craft skills and love of beautiful materials In Japanese "Kizuna" means "the bonds of friendship", which is celebrated in this exhibition in the National Museum, Cardiff. I have chosen to share in my blog my pictures mainly of the people at the museum on the 7th July 2018 when the Tanabata (Star Festival) was held that weekend. There were workshops, calligraphy, performances, martial arts demos and more!

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