Coeliac UK Food Festival


Saturday 28th November 2017 saw the inaugural Coeliac UK Food festival held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cardiff where I was a photographer for Celiac UK. Celiac UK are instrumental in providing improvements within the gluten free sector and help all those who need to live a gluten free life. They achieve this by providing up to date information on gluten free and holding events such as food fairs and provide gluten free training to restaurants. There was an excellent representation of Gluten free manufacturers / suppliers at the food festival that day as follows: Genius, Prima Foods, Monty’s Brewery, Glebe Farm Foods, Green Sisters, Panasonic, Lovemore Foods, Dr Schar. Tesco, Natures Path, Shropshire Spice, Juvela, Bfree Foods, Wadworth, Cardiff and Vale CHC, The Crepe Escape, Cowleys Fine Foods, Voakes, Gluten Free Baking. There were presentations, research sessions and cookery demos during the day. The presentations were given in the morning and afternoon on “getting to know the gluten free diet”, “myth busting and how to keep healthy on the gluten free diet”, and “ find out what you could do to help others to live well on gluten free diet”. The cooking demos covered quiche, caesar salad and cupcakes. The research sessions covered; “a guide to the latest exciting developments in Coeliac disease and gluten free diet” and “how you can contribute to the latest ground breaking research”. It was a very busy day indeed which saw the que bursting out on to the street. I,m sure there will be many more of these type of events in the future by Coeliac UK and welcomed immensely by anyone who has this type of disease as the support offered by Coeliac UK helps the people who suffer this disease to learn to live confidently with gluten free. .

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